Lunatic Crash

Lunatic Crash - Anna Calvi & Mally Harpaz

Lunatic Crash – Anna Calvi & Mally Harpaz

Lunatic Crash were a London based formed originally by Mally Harpaz, Eran K and later joined by Rowan, circa 2004. Influenced by 70’s rock, blues, jazz and funk, Lunatic Crash went through a series of line up changes; Anna Calvi also joined Lunatic Crash for a brief period of time. Lunatic Crash released 2 albums, “Born To Be Free” (2005) and “Within The Tolerance of Rock ‘n’ Roll” (2007) along with an E.P that later came free with the former. All their music can be downloaded at . Lunatic Crash were played regularly at Wave FM,
Thames Radio, Quay West FM, Beat FM, Oban FM,
Central FM and Spirit FM, and gigged extensively around London aswell as playing festivals such as Glastonbury.

How Anna Calvi met her multi-instrumentalist, musical soulmate, Mally Harpaz…

Lunatic Crash - with Mally Harpaz

Lunatic Crash – with Mally Harpaz – with “the” cowboy hat?!

Anna on Mally

I met Mally in the toilets of a venue about 10 years ago. I was playing bass in a band and she was playing the same night – drumming in another band. (Lunatic Crash) I saw her soundcheck; she had a cowboy hat on and she was doing a drum solo – which you don’t usually see, especially in soundchecks!  I was just like, “this girl is so cool”, so I went up to her in the toilets and I was like “oh you’re really good” (awkwardly)  …Cause she looked really cool and she was wearing this cowboy hat and I thought… Then she asked me what kind of music I liked and I wanted to impress her, and I thought, “she looks like the kind of girl who likes PJ Harvey.” So even though at that point I think I hadn’t even got one of her albums I was like, “yeah I like PJ Harvey, and um er…” like that! But I was a bit scared of her, because she kinda has this kinda scary stare… and then we arranged to meet up and have a jam, but I was slightly scared that she was gonna murder me?! I got my dad to drive me there; he waited and then I gave him the okay and he drove off. She didn’t try and kill me and we’re still friends.

— Anna Calvi (on meeting Mally Harpaz – Source:East Village Radio (Full Interview Below)


Anna Calvi with Lunatic Crash

Anna Calvi with Lunatic Crash

Mally on Anna

The cowboy hat! :) Yes! I have very fond memories of my first meeting with Anna. We actually met at a gig where we were both playing for different bands.  We got to chat when we met in the toilet and swapped numbers.  Later we met for a jam and it was just really brilliant. We became close friends and I’ve just always loved playing with her. She is a truly wonderful and an inspiring musician, and a really great friend and a person to have in my life. We used to play a lot together…we had different projects, we used to always jam a lot, she’s an amazing musician and I feel like we really connect.

Source: (Full Interview with Mally Harpaz) – 2013